Communication: Short Term Vacation Rental Properties 102

After you have chosen your platform, here are the best recommendations TCB has to make your home profitable & maintained.



Future guests are happiest when you advertise honestly.

Your pictures and feature descriptions should be realistic. Highlight your property’s charm & uniqueness. It is best to display any mobility concerns such as stairs. Part of being honest, is also understanding the city laws & rental arbitrage (trade of profits). Saint Paul & Minneapolis have similar regulations. Finally, consider what type of host you want to be and how comfortable you want your guests to be. There’s many restrictions and guidelines you can create, but there’s no incorrect or inaccurate way in creating this persona.  


After a guest inquiries & books your property, it is professional to have a clear & speedy response addressing any questions. Whatever your platform may be, it is best to communicate via that platform.  Clarifying how to get to your property is best a week prior to their booking with check-in procedures such as key codes & a map with instructions. Not to mention, checking in a week or so before they arrive will secure confidence and trust.

Example of a "Welcome Book" and communication samples.

Every property, whether you are renting out a room or your entire home, a Welcome Book is a necessity. This is different  This will help answer any questions the guests may have & offer details of what your home & the area offers. A Welcome Book offers a variety of information:  places to go & see in the area along with a check-out procedure which may include starting the dishwashers, closing curtains, shutting off lights, etc. Finally guests will expect to connect to WiFi & manage electronic devices such as the television, thermostat, fireplaces, fans, lights, and the washer and dryer units.  It is recommended to email your Welcome Book to guests at least a week before their arrival so they can adjust their travels accordingly.