Complimentary Items: Short Term Rental Properties 104

Complimentary Items List

This section is for you & you only. To help & inform you of the little things we tend to forget when traveling & in need of comfort. Clean comfort.

No need to do all of the below items, but keep in mind: happy guests + positive review = more guest = profit.


  • Plenty of body & hand towels along with wash clothes

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body & Hand Soap

  • Cotton balls & Q-Tips

  • Nail Clippers & Tweezers

  • Blow Dryer

  • Comb & Brush

  • "Tolieter Jar" Samples or Travel Size Items in a Jar or Basket for guest


  • Bedding plus extra for long stays, warmth & maybe an extra guest for a night or two.

  • Alarm Clock

  • Fans

  • Night Lights


  • Dish & dishwasher soap, scrubs & dish brushes/cloth

  • Cook wear

  • Glasses & mugs

  • Reusable Water Bottles

  • Plate-wear for double the amount of guest

  • Utensils & spoon-wear

  • Cutting boards & cookie sheets

  • Pots & pans, toaster, microwave.

  • Paper towels

  • Dish towels

  • Blender, crock pot, & grill with tools

  • Spices & Condiments

  • General staples like sugar, flour, honey, coffee & tea

  • Trash Bags & General Disinfectant

* Keep most condiments (previous guests buy) in the fridge for future guests to share throughout visits.  There's no point in having everyone buy mustard bottles. Always check expiration dates along with not having the fridge become too cluttered.

Other Amenities

  • Amber Lighting offering a dimmer or adjustable lighting.

  • Full Length Mirror

  • First Aid Kit & Flashlight

  • Weather Gear (umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray along with seasonal tools handy)

  • Travel map

  • Lint Roller & Sewing Kit

  • Ironing board & Iron

  • Office Supplies (tape, scissors, pens, paper, safety pins, paper clips)

  • Travel cart bag for groceries (take picture of peter's)

  • Charging station/cords, USB Plugs

  • Fresh flowers

  • Plug-in scents (“eucalyptus and spearmint” aromas are loved by guests)  

  • Books & Magazines

  • Games, cards, dice & other forms of entertainment