Cleaniness: Short Term Rental Properties 103


The cleanliness of your home will determine the majority of your guest’s experience & will reflect their review. You can turnover the unit yourself, as in clean everything, or you can hire a company or someone you trust. Attention to detail and a uniform consistency in cleaning will reflect your reviews and increase your chances for multiple bookings from the same guest. If you hire out, it may be more cost effective to get a laundry service as well as a customized cleaning service.


Keep clean linens in the house & make sure there is more than enough for the guests during their stay.  I found it is best to color coordinate bed sheets with bed sizes to get the best efficiency out of turning the unit over. For instance, twin bed sheets can be white, full bed sheets, can be blue, queen bed sheets could be green, & king bed sheets could be grey. By having different color sheets for the different bed sizes sure makes turning over the unit an efficient routine. For properties with several beds it will probably be cost effective to have a laundry service such as The Laundry Doctor. If there is only a bedroom or two to turn over it can most like be washed during the time frame of cleaning the property. When you are booked over 31 days at once, I would suggest the host requires the guest to pay for a general cleaning (once a month) for linens to be washed, a general disinfectant (of the bathrooms & kitchen), along with a tidy up to ensure the home is maintained.


When deciding about your online rental advertisement, it's best to hire a professional to take photos. As tempting as it is, do not use your smartphone to take pictures that will be used to advertise your home. If you need to find a photographer please check out Trust Vets online directory & mention TCB and you will likely be offered a generous discount.

Try to feature vaulted ceilings, staircases, driveways, workout & recreational areas. Any room or area that exemplifies your house is the way to go. Don’t be shy, show your home off. Capture areas of your home that highlight what guests can utilize & imagine themselves enjoying away from their everyday lives.


Sticking with a general theme is a delight for guests & will let them know they are in a unique home. Live plants & local art are a nice touch. Protect furniture with decorative cloths & scarfs as they are easy to wash, so keep them on hand. If you make items look like they have a home and belong in a "spot" they are less likely to get stolen.

If your property is downtown in a busy city & more of a loft or apartment style, it’s not a big deal to lack "kitchen/cooking items" as most guests will more than likely be eating out. If you have a home that's not in the heart of a city or your kitchen is nice and big, stock the kitchen up with some fun and easy snacks.  It will set you apart from other places, especially around the holidays when families visit each other, as it is becoming a trend and easier for families to travel and rent a property together.


Always do a bit more than you promise in the listing; guests love a welcoming surprise. Having a theme & sticking with your decor theme is a great idea. For instance, one of my clients offers a bottle of wine, water & a Minnesota’s own Pearson candies.  The duplex is located in an area of Saint Paul known as “Little Africa” and have comfortable beds & a world travelers art decor. They enjoy cooking, so they have each kitchen stocked with spices and food staples, which is great for guests with extended stays.

TCB leads by example; please tell your family & friends who visit Minnesota to stay at these amazing properties TCB helps manage and turn around for guests. Check out the TCB website for further discounts.

  • Duplex home right off the green line. The upper halflower unit functions as a two bedroom and full bathroom home away from home for travelers.
  • This large home is great for family gatherings, sleeping near a dozen guest.